New Designs …..

Jen “the Boss” Hedger wasted no time at all this week straight after the retreat and created some more gorgeous chippy designs.
My Favorite
Indian Feathers 
Oh wait maybe this is my favourite
Leafy frames
No, no its this one
Pearl Accents 
Ornate Pendants

Okay – I LOVE all of them
and they are all available straight from the
Retail customers who purchase $75 or more get FREE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE as well
I can hardly wait to share a competition coming up as well (something to do with new Texture paste and new stencils, sshhhh I didn’t say a thing ok !) 

2 thoughts on “New Designs …..

  1. Jane says:

    Gosh how pretty especially those leafy frames. I can't wait for my first order to arrive…all the way to the UK!

  2. Beautiful, I love the leaves!!

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