Thinking of You card – with guilding tutorial – Louise Collins

Occasionally we all have events in life that we need to mark, even if they are not the happiest. Unfortunately I needed to create a card for a friend who has lost a loved one recently, and it would have been his birthday soon.
It is always difficult to know where to start, but when I saw these Mini Ornate Gates from Dusty Attic, I knew they would be perfect.
To get the worn, peeled gold paint effect, I used black paint first as a base. I applied mine with a paint dabber, as thickly as possible.

Before the paint dried, I sprinkled on some gold gilding flakes. These are very thin, and will get everywhere so you need to try to contain them! I worked in the bottom of a pizza box.
Press the loose flakes into the wet paint and wait a few minutes for it to dry. This does not take long at all which is why I needed to work quickly.

Once dry, use a stiff brush to brush away any loose pieces, and get into all the small details and gaps.
You will be left with a partly gilded chippy which can then be sealed with a matt sealer such as Mod Podge.

I decorated mine with leave, flowers and a metal charm to finish.
 Thanks for joining me on the blog today