Remember – with a Brick wall tutorial – Vicki Alberto

Here is a layout I made using some fabulous Dusty Attic “brick wall” pieces (DA0316) and a mini word “remember” (DA0386) for the title. I used some awesome Dusty in Colour acrylic paints too! See details in a tutorial below. BTW – the young boy in the photo is my dad with his dad (on the left) and two uncles. I used my leftovers from my Swirlydoos July kit to create this layout.
On the title word, I primed it with gesso and then topped it with “snow writer” paste (by Art Deco). The stamping? I used bubble wrap – so easy to do!

STEP 1 – I started off by painting with sunburnt orange (DA0906) and bisque (DA0921) paint – trying to avoid the casing so they wouldn’t get stuck in there. Then, I added some dark brown ink on top.
STEP 2 – I used the snow writer and randomly semeared it on – again trying to avoid the casing so they wouldn’t get stuck in there.
STEP 3 – I went over all of it with light brown ink to blend the colours.
STEP 4 – I whitewashed it all with watered down gesso to give it a soft aged effect to suit my whitewashed project. NOTE: Omit this step if you are using on a darker layout.
STEP 5 – I added some of the bricks to my project and filled the spaces with the snow writer (easy to do since it has a really fine tip). Alternatively, you could slather on any paste of your choice and then set the bricks into it (but it’s not a precise application that way). TIP: Use a toothpick to flatten in the groves a bit.
Thanks for taking the time to view my project today!