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Hi there!
You can see my totally unrestrained artistic soul, today. This is one of the few projects that I have done in my life completely without the interference of other people. Projects made to order have their charm, meeting the expectations of the client is a fascinating challenge, but free artistic space is just something huge! Okay, come read what I did.

I’m presenting a wall decor in A5 size covered with canvas on a wooden frame. I changed the concept for this project several times. Initially, it was supposed to be upright and without flowers. I prepared round moulds and… I changed the idea.. This project is my subjective vision of the coexistence of two people. It doesn’t matter if they are a couple, whether they love each other, what gender they are or what age they are… It is about two people, each of whom presents different values, dispositions and life priorities. 
Note that among the elements I use on the design, you will find those that are associated with delicacy: lace, glitter, flower buds, butterflies, gauze, mini beads… But next to it, in complete harmony, there are slightly bolder elements, such as: torns, dirt, cracks, stains, dragonflies with cog wings. Some of the elements have dirty edges and some are spotlessly clean – this is a deliberate procedure. In this way, I would like to show the possibility of two completely different personalities coexisting side by side. They complement each other and add to each other’s charm, complement the “other side”, properly eliminating imperfections. It is possible – you just have to want it.

I prepared long strips of irregularly torn corrugated cardboard and glued it in several places, also wrapping it around the edges – the effect delighted me very much and I hope you too. The corrugated cardboard is covered in few places with a stretched and stained brown gauze – I also wrapped it around the edges of the design. Then I cut paper from the “Love me tender” collection – I teared it fancifully in places and also wrapped it around the edges of the design.

The whole thing is secured with a clear gesso, and along the connection of the corrugated cardboard with the canvas and with the paper, I applied a fairly thick layer of paste with a cracking effect. The cardboard rims protruding upwards, I sniffed the white gesso and then topically sprayed it with a turquoise and brown mist, creating a fantastic streak at the bottom of the project. A delicate pattern from the mask protrudes from under the composition. The next layer is white decorative lace, tinted with turquoise and brown mist, and on top of it is another – blue, whitewashed with gesso. The “wall” chipboard shape was next in motion – but I used it here horizontally, which made it lose its resemblance to the wall and became an interesting diversification of the background of the composition. It is secured with a white gesso and slightly tinted with turquoise wax.

I glued decorative cornices cut out of paper on the prepared base – in the final project you have to try hard to see them, protruding out from under the composition. At this point, I added three more lengths of gray and white string and brilliant chipboard patterns resembling barbed wire – in the end – intercourse with another human being is not easy – such a reference came to my mind. I secured them with a black gesso and subtly smeared it with the same wax. At this stage of work, I decided to cover the project generously with turquoise and green mini beads. There are a lot of them there. 

The main compotion are flowers, flowers and even more flowers. I made all the rolled up roses myself, so I also did the teeny tiny flowers which stuffing up the holes. Whereas turquoise, blue and beige flowers are by 49 and Market, which are available also at the Dusty Attic store. I love these flowers, and choosing chipboard shapes, as part of the DT package, I have also acquired a fairly wide colour palette. So you will see them on a few more projects. I composed all these flowers, added leaves, gauze, sisal, wire curls, whitewashed roots, even more leaves and white mini pebbles from Finnabair.

At the end I left what is most important – the dragonflies. I ordered them a long time ago and I was still waiting for this unique project on which I would like to use them. After almost a year, the right moment has finally come and here they are: beautiful, dignified dragonflies, in my understanding, symbolizing a harmonious and respectful two people.

I secured the dragonflies with a white gesso, then treated them with a paste with a cracking effect, and finally coloured them with brown and turquoise wax. The wax penetrated the cracks which gave a great finish. The butterflies and the swirls sticking out at the top are prepared exactly the same way.

In the lower part I put the inscription “There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved”, as a complement to my message through this project. In several places I glued transparent cabochons imitating dew drops – I love this embellishment and I discovered its existence relatively recently. On the left side, at the last minute, I attached a white string and a beige ribbon bow. The decor shimmers with glitter.

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Thank you for your attention, presence and time. This is a difficult moment and it is worth stopping for a moment and reflecting on where we are going and what we are leaving behind. Best wishes!

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