STUNINING SHADOW BOX – Rachelle (with instructions)

Hello,I am here to share with you, a shadow box I did, using lots of Dusty Attics Amazing chipboard pieces.I wan’t to do this Vintage Shabby Chic, so I did not stick with the traditional Christmas colors. This did take time to do,but it was fun & well worth the effort. I am already thinking of my next…….

The Dusty Attic Chipboard used on this project….
Christmas Tree #2 DA0648
Pots & Columns DA0546
mini wire dress form DA0670
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas DA0646
Door #1 DA0692
Brick wall panel DA0316
vine boarder DA0459
wire dress form DA0228
vintage frame DA0254
chandelier small 2pack DA0080
I used the Vintage Autumn Basics Collection from Maja Design
Here are some closeups of detail….
I glued the brick wall panel, on to cardstock. I then stained it with Tim Holtz walnut stain. I then cut out my brick pieces for the fireplace & for the shadow box.The brick wall was easy to cut, without loosing any of the pieces, because of being glued onto the cardstock. I used a cardboard jewelry box, for my frame of the fireplace.I then cut door #1 & glued it to the front. My next step was to glue brick onto the inside & the outside of the fireplace& to the front of the shadow box. I painted all the brick with rock candy crackle & when that dried I rubbed in a light grey chalk.For the mortar I did 2 coats of Martha Stewart texture effects,& once that dried I painted on some platinum liquid pearls….
I raised the floor using corrugated paper,there are 5 layers. With the left over cor paper I cut out little pieces & glued them together,then covered them with scraps of my paper I was using,those are my presents under the tree… 
In the cluster’s, I used the vine boarder,that I had used a spectrum noir (brown) for the stem. I used white picket fence on the leaves & when they dried I rubbed in a brown chalk & inked the edges. I also used in the clusters Prima’s Audrey Collection,some I am Roses,pearls & ribbon….

I cut the title,then painted it with white picket fence,once that dried I rubbed in brown chalk & inked the edges…..

I did the same to the Vintage frame, as I had to the title.I cut out stockings out of cardstock,then cut out pieces of paper, from the scraps I was working with,inked the edges,glued them onto the cardstock,with also inserting a piece of lace.I also made a banner behind the stockings,out of a string of pearls.I glued a doily & some tulle to the top of the fire place,then added some roses, pearls & bling.I used tattered angels gold on the dress form,then dressed it using ribbon,tulle & bling…

For the posts of the fire place, I used the columns from the pots & columns.Inside the fire place is one of the pots. I used on the columns & the pots, the brown spectrum pen  for the fine detail, & rock candy crackle on the main parts,I then rubbed in brown chalk & inked the edges.

I made the logs, out of the brick panel. I wet them, separated the layers,rolled them then tied a thin piece of hemp around them. I used the candles from the chandelier. The top part of Christmas I used some texture effects…

On this cluster I added some pearls & bling…
I used the part of the Vintage Frame that I cut off on the upper left corner…
I used white picket fence crackle, on the vase,on the fine detail area of the vase I used liquid pearls (platinum). I then glued in a piece of tulle,added some rose buds,bling & pearls.I had cut the candles off the other chandelier for the fireplace, so I was able to use part of it on this chandelier.On the base,I used the brown spectrum noir (EB&),it is very close to the brown in the Maja papers.I then applied rock candy crackle & rubbed in brown chalk. I painted the candles with LuminArt’ Rose Petal & when that dried I applied liquid accents. The flames are gold liquid pearls….
Now for the tree,the pot is made from one of the columns & here is a photo tut I did with Christmas Tree #2
I first dipped all the trees in warm water,then let them sit for a couple minutes so that the water gets adsorbed through out the chipboard.
There are 3 layers to the chipboard, so I peeled back one layer….

I then cut the next two layers into sections & cut the tree trunk off the top 2 layers…
Then I seperated those layers….
Here are your 3 layers….
I painted the bottom layers with gesso & the top layer with picket fence crackle. I also used Martha Stewart white texture effects on the outside edges of the top layer.Once the the paint dried, I glued the layers together,by only using a drop of glue in the center,so that you can lift the edges,to get the dimension.
1st layers glued together…
Top layer glued on. I filled all of those cracks with more texture effects…
Once that dried,I took it out side & sprayed it wit a acrylic sealer,brought it back in & sprinkled transparent glitter over the tree while the sealer was still wet.
I then glued on the seed beads & pearls….
The raw chipboard Tree with the Embellished Tree…
This is how I was able to free stand the tree & the wire form dress
I used those things, you tie up a turkey with. Cut out pieces of chipboard & glued those 3 pieces together…
I the glued another piece of chipboard over top of that. On the dress form I just used the pick & glued it down the center,I wrapped some floss around the 2 pieces to secure them. I was able to do this because I had built up the floor with corrugated paper. I used a paper pierce & poked in a hole where I wanted these pieces to stand… 

Thank you so much for taking the time to look….Rachelle


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  1. Lizzyc says:

    Wow this is amazing, so many beautiful details.. and I love the crisp white colors you have used.. really gorgeous shadow box…

  2. Unknown says:

    Wow! Very beautiful! Little Fairy Tale!

  3. Marek says:

    Gorgeous !!!!!

  4. Wow. Amazing details. Love the tree and I can appreciate your work and time on this project. Just gorgeous!! Love all the Dusty Attic.

  5. Daria says:

    OMG this is so lovely and wonderful, I love it. I just am so inspired by this piece and the detail of the tree and fireplace. WOW!

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