Steampunk Dreamcatcher – Joanne Bain – Challenge inspiration

Joanne here today to share my Steampunk Dreamcatcher. To create the dreamcatcher I used almost all varieties of Dusty chipboard cogs available. I totally love that they are made in all different sizes, makes them perfect for layered clusters.
‘Follow Your Heart’

The centre of the dreamcatcher was made by using 2 of the large cogs from the Jumbo Cogs set. If you choose to give this a go you will need 2 sets of the Jumbo Cog sets. I cut a bit away from the centre of the top cog so once layered it gives a bit of a border to the centre.
In between the 2 cogs I have place and Industrial Scroll.
The main cluster was created by layering a lot of different sized Dusty cogs. The base of the cluster started with a Dusty Cog Cluster and then I continued to later other cogs on top.
The feathers were wet and then slightly pulled apart for extra dimension.
The feathers were attached with copper jewlery wire and some chains from cheap necklaces. To add extra feature to the dreamcatcher I also added some old jewlery hearts.

To go with the steampunk theme I added screws and various Graphic 45 metal keys.

Dusty Attic
Materials List
DA0232 Jumbo Cogs
DA0001 Cogs #1
DA0689 Mini Cogs
DA0650 Mini Feathers
DA1542 Industrial Scrolls
DA1393 Cog Cluster
963248 Prima Art Alchemy Metallique Light Patina
963057 Art Alchemy Metallique Ancient Coin
963095 Art Alchemy Metallique Brass Hardware
4500545 Ornate Metal Keys
4501293 Metal Clock Keys
4501028 Antique Brass Door Knockers – Screws only 
Jewelry Chains
Jewelry Hearts
Jewelry Wire – Brass
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3 thoughts on “Steampunk Dreamcatcher – Joanne Bain – Challenge inspiration

  1. Lisa Landry says:

    WOWOWOW! This is fabulous!!! So creative and gorgeous!

  2. Unknown says:

    Absolutely Awesome!Would love to give this one a go, or am I 'dreaming'!!! Thank you for
    Greetings from UK

  3. Mary R. says:

    this so beautiful where you get all the parts to make it with….this it all mealt or is there some kind of coreboard or heavy 300lb paper??? thank you

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