“Soulful Friendship” – Jenny

Hello Everyone,
Im going to start by showing you the BACK of my project this time!
I have used four of the 3D ATC’s and two of the ATC Shadow Boxes joined
together (the wood is to make the back even as they are different widths)
Lots and Lots and Lots of Mini Bricks were used 
(Me and my ruler – glueing the bricks down)

And now the front ……
A coat of Gesso
Then some sprays and the final white mist is the
Dusty in Colour White Navaho mixed with water in a
spray bottle and lightly sprayed over the whole piece
Time to decorate !!!

LOVE the Dusty Attic Minis – they are perfect for this project
Images are from Megs Garden and resins are from Moulds by Mel

How cute is that little metal birdhouse ?????
I have had it for ages and ages and finally have used it
ATC Shadow Boxes DA0823
ATC Frame #1  DA 0673
Flutterbies #3  DA 0766
Mini Arch Windows  DA 0818
Mini Birdhouses  DA0706
Mini Birds #1  DA0723
Mini Branches  DA0439
Mini Brick Wall  DA0814 (Lots of these !!!)
Mini Dove  DA0369
Mini Eggs  DA0722
Mini Grass Clusters DA0786
Mini Picket Fence  DA0698
Birds Nest #2  DA0721
Branches and Berries piece DA0729
Dusty in colour Paints
Dusty in Bloom flowers (Roses – coming soon !)
Jen xox

5 thoughts on ““Soulful Friendship” – Jenny

  1. Holy moly Jenny!! this project is AMAZING!!! Great job in sharing your process as well!! Love this hon! xo

  2. Unknown says:

    Wow this is a fantastic project

  3. Gorgeous! I really love this so much

  4. Unknown says:

    Amazing!!! Such gorgeous work, Jen!

  5. Anonymous says:

    So beautifully creative. I am in awe with this project. Good job! Thanks for sharing.

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