Secret Garden – Marta Lapkowska – Canvas WITH TUTORIAL

Hi everyone,
It’s Marta Lapkowska here.
Did I tell you that I love chipboards from Dusty Attic? The choice of designs allow us to create any imaginery scene on our project we want. Today’s make is one of those… nature, flowery scene… feeling of garden or park. Since always I loved projects of Gabrielle Pollacco, she was able to create those most beautiful looking scenes on her canvases.
This project is definately somehow inspired by many of chipboard based projects of Gabi.
I wanted to create some sort of picture frame with flowers.
To create this piece I used only three different type of chipboards! Remember that some chipboards are coming in big size, you can easliy cut it use the way it suits your art project.
I hope you will find my video tutorial helpful and inspirational.

Products used:
http://www.dustyattic.com.au/products.php?product=Dusty-In-Bloom-Evening-Blush  http://www.dustyattic.com.au/products.php?product=Seagrass-%232  http://www.dustyattic.com.au/products.php?product=Federation-Frame-set
 http://www.dustyattic.com.au/products.php?product=Creative-Script-Stencil   http://www.dustyattic.com.au/products.php?product=Laurel-Sprigs  http://www.dustyattic.com.au/products.php?product=Dusty-Attic-Texture-Paste

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  1. This is fantastic Marta! Thanks for the video too!

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