Memories – Canvas WITH VIDEO TUTORIAL by Nadya Drozdova

Hey all! Here is Nadya sharing with you my new mixed-media canvas that I prepared with video-tutorial. I used a lot of chippes here and new ones with summer theme are just adorable! I covered some of them with sprays and other with embossing powders. Wooden pieces look so real!

wish you happy crafting!
here are chippies:
Image 1
Image 1
Nadya Drozdova

2 thoughts on “Memories – Canvas WITH VIDEO TUTORIAL by Nadya Drozdova

  1. Absolutely stunning. I could not stop watching over and over again. Breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your beautiful canvas and inspiration. xxx Ann

  2. na.olsen says:

    Wow ! I love this piece ! I never would have thought to use such a huge shell but it works great ! Thank you for the inspiration !!!

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