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Joanne here with you today to share my altered light bulb. I have wanted to try to create a hot air balloon from a light bulb for ages so this month I thought I am going to give it a go using Dusty chippy and it worked exactly as I hoped it would.

To create the balloon I firstly removed the insides out of the light bulb. The outside of the light bulb was then covered with Chandelier #3. The chandelier was placed in water and then once it was quiet wet it was then placed over the light bulb and then molded to shape. Once the chandelier was dry it was then attached using soft gloss gel.
To add extra interest to the balloon I then trimmed the thin decoration pieces from the bottom of the Luxury Scroll, this was also wet to allow it to fold around the light bulb without breaking. It was attached over the top of the chandelier and then I attached some small cogs to hide the joins.Some larger cogs were added to the front as a centerpiece.

At the back of the light bulb to give an extra feature I added a bit of a tail and to create this I cut apart the Lace Border and used one part of it.
To create the title for my balloon I cut apart one of the Medallions to make a fancy heart and then attached the title.
The basket of the balloon was then attached to a large cog which was cut in half to attach to the bottom of the bulb.
For extra trimming to the balloon I added chains and gems for a little bit of bling.
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Materials List
DA0748 Chandelier #3
DA1353 Luxury Scroll
DA1503 Lace Border #4
DA1734 Medallions #1
DA0689 Mini Cogs
DA1170 Live Beautifully
961459 Heavy Gesso – Black
963958 Metallique Wax – Vintage Gold
963972 Metallique Wax – Rose Gold
963996 Metallique Wax – Old Silver
Memory Hardware – French Regalia Crowns 1
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  1. Beverley says:

    What a fantastic achievement Joanne …. it's wonderful!

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