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Journey – Kristy Abela

Who doesn’t have a picture of that typical ‘Dad’ moment? What joy our other halves bring! I figured it was time to get some of those off the computer and in the album so the family can see. This was on our way to a NYE Celebration in 2013 so we were both in good spirits and looking to be a little playful… Have a look below to see how I pulled it all together.

I primed the card stock with clear gesso, this one is from 13@rts. I always do this when working with wet medium. Its a fail safe in case I go overboard. If I have a heavy handed moment it can wipe straight off. Yeah for baby wipes!! In order to have the Lindy’s spray grip to the page I added some stenciling with modelling paste. This catches the liquid when I am moving the page around to create drips. It also helps to catch the shimmer pigment and gives it a great highlight.

  I added some crayons to highlight areas in the background. I have water soluble crayons in many different brands. To be honest, they are all similar in colour but so different in practice. Without naming names, some are softer and easy to blend with water, others are harder and work more like pencils and leave shadows. In the background here I used Gelato’s. 

I spent some time fussy cutting the flowers off another sheet of 13@rts cardstock and used some Prima Crayons to colour in the flowers. I love these because they are super soluble and totally disappear when activated without leaving lines. Once dry I went back in with the same colour crayon and added some contrast.

I created matts for my photos… I haven’t done this for a while but I really enjoy torn edges and staining them with ink. I think it gives a real randomness to the distressed edge and I find inking them with an ink pad leaves too much white. I used the same spray that I used in the background to tie the foreground.

I decided to go with using black chipboard on this layout. I used a pallet knife to spread the paint on the skeleton clock. It applies patchy and adds to the distressed look. Once I ran out of paint I could pick up on my brush I picked up my mat and rubbed it straight onto the clock to use up the remainder.

I used some Prima waxes to highlight the chipboard so it wasn’t flat black. Everyone loves a bit of shimmer right?

I used a dry brush to add some contrast to the arrows as they seemed to get lost on the page. 

Thanks for looking, I hope you got inspired to try something new! 

Chipboard used.  

Arrow borders #3

Skeleton Clock Faces 

Roman Numerals

Blueprint Word pack

Mini words #3 

Key to my heart 

Nuts & Bolts 

Cog cluster

Mini Cogs 

Kristy Abela