Introducing Bev Rochester

I have always done “crafty things” starting off with the usual knitting, crochet, cross stitch, tapestry then later on to decorating faberge style eggs.  It was the class teacher that introduced me to papercrafts about 4 years ago.  When I discovered rubber stamping about a year after that I was a confirmed total and utter addict! 

I would say my style is anything BUT clean and simple, I am definitely a more is more kinda girl.  I absolutely love fiddling lol so can spend hours going through my embellishments to find the perfect “thing” to finish off my project.  If my project is not embellished to within an inch of it’s life it ain’t finished!  Saying that I do admire CAS, but it’s not something I have been able to master (it’s that fiddling again!!)

I am married to my best friend, have two children and two grandchilren as well as 6 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  I have a stressful job (work full time to pay for my craft supplies!) so my craft time is my de-stressing “me” time.

4 thoughts on “Introducing Bev Rochester

  1. Patricia says:

    Hello Bev and congratulations on making Dusty's team…I am looking forwards to seeing your work and hope to see a lot of your 6 fur balls!!!

  2. Unknown says:

    Hi Bev and welcome to the team!! I so agree with the "more is more"-thing *lol*. I'm so excited to work with you and the other ladies 🙂

  3. So excited to have you on board Bev, your cards are amazing, will be such a thrill to see them get Dusty now and then!!

  4. Tina says:

    WELCOME Bev!!

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