Design Team Project

Eternally – Kristy Abela

 Hi Dusty Attic FanAttic’s! I have created this layout for August and when I stood back to compare… I had used the moodboard AGAIN!! I just love it when a powerful colour combination influences you without you even knowing.

Here I chose my chipboard, with a wedding photo though I chose to play up the gloss there and then decorate the chipboard with a more matt feel and some pen work for definition.

 My idea was to use the Bali Motif as layers of the skirt on the wedding dress, where a myriad of surprises and mysteries hides within her skirts. 

 I found these treasures from 49th & Market. It’s the first time I have used the laser cut sheets and I am so pleased with the quality. How awesome are these layered butterflies?   

I added some sisal, flowers and sequins to fluff out her skirts. I could have kept going and going with this one… but I stopped at adding art stones… Maybe before it gets pride of place I will go back in and play. Do you ever feel that way when you look back at a project?  

 Now you know what a woman has under her skirts… (wink, wink). Thanks for looking and I’ll see you all next month.

 Bali Motif #1

Word Disks 1

 Frangipani 3