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BOHO style is understood in many ways, so when I received this order I had to ask exactly what the client really wanted. It boggles my mind how there can be such a wide range in the understanding of this style, but the point is that I determined what the customer wanted. More than likely, this is my first project in the BOHO style and it was pure satisfaction for me to accomplish it. However. I realized that I was probably undergoing some kind of inner artistic transformation. Why? Usually, bright and delicate projects give me a “certain” difficulty, I feel the constant need to get it dirty or splash my work. But not this time. And that got me thinking. Come let me tell you a little about the creative process.

I used a peach and green colours, inspired by the currently ongoing challenge on the Dusty Attic blog. I invariably encourage and invite you to participate in the challenge. All you have to do is add your work to the comments section on the Dusty FANattics Facebook group for a chance to win one of two amazing prizes of $50 (AUD) to spend in-store. I’m already looking forward to seeing your artwork on the Dusty FANAttics group.

For this moodboard, I knew right away that I would use the “Breeze of dreams” collection from Margaret Paper Design. I cut out a frame about 2cm wide, ragged the edges, and sew it twice on the machine: with beige and peach thread using two different stitches. In addition, I made holes around the frame and threaded a gray & white ribbon through them. The frame is lined on both the outer and inner edges with knitted ecru-colored lace. In the center of the frame I cut a smaller rectangle from the paper, leaving a visible gap, and worked it out in the same way as the frame. It took me about 3 hours to decorate the cards inside, the back (plus my business card) and just what I described already on the front. Such is my hobby… – I make up difficulties for myself, and I’m doing this every time. 😉 

For the occasion of making this order I learned how to make a mini macramé. I spent about three days on it, wasted some string, there were moments of a little nervousness, but in the end I was able to put my own handmade little ones on the cards. I realize that this is still not a world championship, however, a part of me is very pleased with myself. So in the central place you see two mini macramé each: white underneath and green/peach on it.

The decoration is completed with resin castings, cardboard and a flower composition. The castings (frame, moth and clock) are from Finnabar molds, protected with white gesso. The moth is coloured with water-based paint in soft gold from Cosmic Shimmer, and finally whitened with wax in old white from Finnabar. I coloured the frame with sage leaves wax and the clock was literally just touched with the aforementioned paint.

The chipboards I used are from Dusty Attic of course. This time you can see: fantastic wild flowersleaves, a fence (arranged on the frame), a panel sticking out from underneath the composition and also phrases matching the occasion. Beautiful fabric flowers are from Ania Rokicka, under them I arranged die-cut leaves and two colours of twine in the form of bows. At the end of the work I sprinkled small peach balls in some places, as well as white balls a little more.

I am very curious how do you like this version of the BOHO style? Be sure to let me know in the comments if it resonates with your tastes. Greetings warmly, and I already shyly announce that the next project is an oblong panel especially for my daughter – the girls have placed an order with me! ;))

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