‘Birdhouse’ by DT Louise Collins

Since spring has finally sprung here in the UK (at least it hasn’t snowed for a week!), it seemed fitting that I tried decorating one of these gorgeous Dusty Attic Birdhouses to celebrate the season!

Have you seen the sheet of three chipboard birdhouses from the new April release? All the pieces you need to construct three pretty little homes are all cut from one 12″ chipboard sheet!

So here is how I decorated just one of them…although I do plan on making them a set of three and planting them around my home πŸ™‚

 To do this, I simply popped all the pieces out from the sheet I needed and decided which ones I wanted to cover in flat paper. I drew around these ones and cut the shapes out.

I used PVA glue to stick the papers to the pieces, and after ten minutes drying time, I sanded all the edges, paying particular attention to the assembly notches.
(Notice I have left the two roof pieces bare???)

Next I assembled the birdhouse. I slotted all the pieces together, running PVA along all the edges first. I then tied a couple of elastic bands around the whole house to hold it together while the glue dried overnight.

The next morning I took the bands off and the Birdhouse was super sturdy! Now time for me to decorate the roof…
I used a decorative punch to make the roof tiles by punching borders and trimming the strips to fit the roof width. I stuck these down in layers, starting at the bottom.
Then finally the pretty bits! I added some DA Grass Clusters #2 and painted them with a green DA Acrylic Paint. While it was drying I spritzed the tops of the grasses in yellow to add a bit of interest.

Once the grasses were stuck to the house, I added DA Roses, some gems and some fibres to finish.
Now to find somewhere to hide it in my home and see who notices it first πŸ™‚

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  1. Good Gosh!! this is gorgeous Lou!! I love the grasses with the house!! xo

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