Tropical state of Mind – Michelle Carrick

I’m Back with my second project today…
Friends just chilling!!

For this project I Incorporated all gorgeous pastels.

I painted my wood white, adding sand to give texture and sanding the edges.
Wrapped string around the bottom half.

I then painted my little canvas with diluted green and blue paint.
I added real sea sand on the bottom half.
Wrapped string around the top half of the canvas.

Made tags out of a map and also made the palm tree out of normal leaves  just cutting one half of the leaf off. Then wrapped the wire with string holding them together.
I also included cocktail umbrellas.

For the all the chip boards I painted white first,
for the leaves I used green alcohol ink, 
For the sea enemies I used Blue alcohol ink,
for the title Tropical is Blue alcohol ink and state of mind is pink paint.
Lastly, for the bubble chip board I added sand for texture.  
I also included angle hair.

I placed and attached everything down as well as some metal shells and art stones to complete the look.
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Michelle Carrick