Treasured Memories – Roasalie Duke-Stanley – March Mood Board Inspiration

This mood board was so lovely with soft colours. I thought I would create a layout that used the colours and theme in a grungy design. Using a DA stencil I created a stonework texture and added watered down colours to bring out the pattern. On top of the stencil, added another layer of texture which featured a steam punk rivet pattern. I added dark brown paint to highlight the lines of the rivets. Once dry, I stamped randomly around the main stencilled area with a range of stamps using sepia archival inks. On the outer edges, I stamped large diamonds with black archival ink. This all added to the grungy look of the page.

Using a variety of paints mixed with Prima Limestone paste to paint the geometric shapes that would be used as the base chipboard. 49 Market vintage flowers were sprayed with a brown mist and painted with various water colour paints to add the grungy colours. Once dried an extra dab of yellow on the edges to highlight one of the main colours of the mood board.

Finally adding gauze stiffened with Prima Structure Paste, chipboard bees painted and dabbed with watercolour paints, chipboard words all together to complete the page. Glue the bees randomly around the page and just under embellishments. Using bright yellow paint, dab on the edges of the gauze to a hint of colour. 

Tips: To help put all the pieces in place, glue small pieces of discarded chipboard onto the back of the flowers to lift them up to sit on top of the base embellishments.

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