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Hi there!!

A lot has been happening lately, and therefore my everyday life is very different from what I’m used to and what I like. But wait… I’m not complaining here at all, nor am I going to brag about it. I just experience it with my whole being, which means that I also want to share it with you.

Short version: together with my sister and our wonderful design team of 10 fantastic designers, we managed to implement 4 different challenges in the “Margaret MyCRAFTime & YOU” creative group. Have I mentioned this group here before? I’m not sure, but who’s curious – you’re invited to join us and take part in the actions that are just being created. You can witness it and take an active part. The group currently has almost 300 members and has been in existence since November 10. What are challenges about? There are four different ones:

1. “Margaretka” challenge

2. “Paper” challenge

3. “Pędziwiatr”(Eng. Road Runner) challenge


Details are described in the posts on the group, so I will not repeat them here. It was a lot of work for us: a lot of time spent on setting rules, creating graphics, writing regulations, entries on Facebook and IG, stories creating, publishing reminders… These are all activities that I didn’t take into account when setting up my business. You know: accounting, logistics, statistics, selling – at least you know it will be!.. Meanwhile, the reality surprised us a bit – we have a lot of laugh about it, because.. let’s take this “Pędziwiatr” (Eng. Road Runner) – when the idea will be totally implemented – it will be fun after every single live stream. 🙂

Here we are chatting away, but you probably want details about my fifth memories box. So let’s get started. I made the box to orded for the 8th wedding anniversary. The base is similar to the previous ones, but it differs in decorations and finish. In the photo you will find the exact dimensions, if someone would like to do something similar on their own. Both compartments are the same size and will fit 10cm x 15cm photos.

All elements should be cut with due care so that there are no differences, even by a millimeter, because even such a small difference may make the box look lopsided when closing. I had only the bright A2 sheets at home, but I managed to do that by painting all the edges black. After all, there is no trace of “screaming” purple on the final design. My box is closed with 6 strong magnets. I made previous versions of the box using other magnets with different strength of attraction – today’s solution turned out to be great – so I can finally recommend it with a clear conscience. Each magnet is 1cm in diameter and 1mm thick.

After gluing the base, I started sticking decorative papers on the walls. This time I had no doubts which sheets I would use: 2x 7B and 2x 8A from the “Love me Tender” collection. It took me a while to figure out how to make the graphics on the walls continuous and I think it worked. All the edges of the paper are covered with vintage Stamperia paste. At the edges, however, black paper (painted purple) protrudes phenomenally from underneath, creating dark borders. Awesome result! On the corners, I glued paper corners cut from the cutting-out set, and on the outer corners, I attached banners without inscriptions, also from cutting-out accessories. I added 3D droplets from Nuvo in the chalk stick colour.

Now, let’s talk a moment about the lid and the main composition. This time I really worked really hard here. I secured the background with a clear gesso (Finnabair). I put on the Brick Wall stencil by Dusty Attic, this time using Extravagance texture paste – it’s cool because it has mini particles in it, which makes the pattern grainy – on the mask with bricks the idea is breathtaking – right? In some places I have sewed the paper on the machine, you can see it slightly in the area where the phrase “togetherforever” begins. This effect blends almost completely into the composition and it’s hard to say that it adds any charm to the work. Sometimes it is so that some treatment doesn’t significantly affect the end result.
I tinted the entire background – to varying degrees – with a beautiful green color, using matte wax in the shade of Sage Leaves. I used the same wax to color the suitcases, and then I covered them with vintage paste. The icing on the cake in this case are two cute butterflies. Do you see a great road sign next to the suitcases? This is a cutout element from the back of the cover of the “Breeze of Dreams” collection. The sign has empty fields and you can personalize it as you like. See what I glued on the top! The icon of the Zoom application – at the client’s special request, taking into account, in what situation we are living for the second year…

It’s time for flowers, finally. The purple, sumptuous flowers are made of fabric and I have no idea where I got them from, but I have a lot of them, so you will see them in my works more than once. They are here accompanied by phenomenal, cardboard frangipani, cardboard leaves and paper leaves made by me with the use of a stencil and structural paste. I colored the Plumerie with the Pro Marker in the shade of Amethyst and the white Gelly Roll marker. The leaves that I made myself are my pride and I will gladly show you how to make them live on my group. I will let you know in my SM when something will be going to happen. 🙂
For the finish, this time I used quite a lot of purple sisal, jagged gauze, pebbles in various sizes and at the end I splashed the whole with white acrylic paint – quite much.

The inside of the box has two compartments for keeping photos. In each of them, I put phrases on the walls, in line with the client’s expectations. On the bottom cover there is a decorated frame and a rather large inscription “these are treasured memories”, in a color matched with the aforementioned wax. In addition, there are: the date of the anniversary, the names of the couple and the inscription “Wedding Anniversary”. I’m preety happy with my vintage memory box. And I’m also very curious if you are also making your own bases? Let me know in the comment how you like my, already 5th edition of the photo box. Kisses!

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