Peanut – Joanne Bain

Hi everyone!!
Joanne here with you today to share a little off the page project. This started life as a piece of wood that I found in a scrap bin. I just loved the texture and the shape of it when I saw it and had immediate ideas for using it.

The colours for the entire project was drawn from the colours that were throughout the piece of board. I gave the board a few coats of matte clear coat just to protect it a little and help draw out the natural colours.

I wanted to keep with natural theme for the project so I used lots of Dusty foliage chipboard pieces.

The flowers were altered using water colours and for extra sparkle a little mica powder.

I added a few Dusty flutterbies, because who doesn’t love butterflies.

The main focus of my project was on our little Peanut and he has been framed using the smallest Dusty skeleton clock face.

Dusty Attic
Materials List
DA0766 Flutterbies #3
DA1182 Branch #4
DA2231 Foliage #13
DA2234 Foliage #15
DA2233 Foliage #14
DA0430 Skeleton Clock Faces