Mysterious Shadow Box – Kerstin Filou – Halloween special

Welcome creative friends! 

 Kerstin  here again to inspire you for the new Halloween chippies at Dusty Attic 

I was inspired to create a magical shadow frame and  thrilled when I discovered 

these amazing gargoyles and bats.

The long shadow box was perfect for me, depth gives the project more life. 

Gate was glued on with spacers, creating room for a spooky strange cemetery behind it.


I have only known gargoyles as water spout from old churches such as Notre Dame in Paris. 

They are dark creatures that only come to life at night, while they turn to stone and sleep during the day.

So they were perfect for a magical Halloween project, a real inspiration for me!!

In the latest Halloween series by Dusty Attic you can find so many inspiring chippies


 that it’s pure magic!! 


Some Close ups …

Β  Dusty Attic chipboard used


Long Shadow Box

πŸŽƒ +++++ πŸŽƒ

Gothic Arch #2

 Gothic Fretwork small

 Cemetery Gates #1 small

Ribbon Banner #2 small

 Zombie Hands Small

Grass Clumps

Web Corners #2


Creepy Crawlies #1

Bats #2

Skull and Bats 

πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€



I hope I could inspire you! 

Have fun realizing your own stories and creative ideas!

Thanks for your visit!


See you soon to another Halloween Special,Β 

Be ready for surprises, there is so much to discover πŸŽƒπŸ‘€πŸŽƒ !!