‘My Girl’ Layout + Tutorial – Louise Collins DT

Today I would like to share with you a couple of layouts and show you how I have created my backgrounds using Dusty Attic Paints.
My first layout is this one that I created on a sheet of Chipboard…
Firstly, I ‘dolloped’ some blobs of paint in the region that I wanted my background colour.

Then I laid a small plastic bag (I used a peddle bin liner) over the paint while it is still wet.
Use your fingers to spread the paint around under the bag.
If you can find a clear bag to use, you can see where you are spreading the paint.
Lift up the plastic and voila! You can lay the paint covered plastic back down in a different position to spread the paint further.

After doing this and allowing it to dry, you can repeat with other colours as I did with the yellow paint…

And on to my second technique. Here is a layout that recently appeared in the Dusty Attic Gallery

When I first used Dusty Attic Paint, I was thrilled by how thick it was, perfect for covering that chipboard with. However, sometimes I want to be able to allow my paint to run and splat, which is where I need it to be a little thinner.
To do this, I mixed a little water to the paint…
When it was thoroughly mixed, I used a plastic dropper to drip the colour down my page.
Before doing this I had glued some glass microbeads to my page to act as a mesh that slowed the paint down and allowed it to spread rather than simply run straight down the page.

Once I had dripped and dried my first, lighter colour, I then added a darker shade to the remaining watered down paint and mixed it well again.
I then repeated the dripping again as before.

…and there is my coloured background, ready to embellish!
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