Emimaf Cosplay Bow – Patricia Basson

 Hello Dear Dusty Attic Blog Friends

This month I am showing you a very interesting project! Both my daughters took part in the second Comic-con festival here in South Africa. Chantelle sold her Art in the Artist Valley and Michelle took part in the Cosplay … She actually constructed her complete costume by hand ( she is by no way a needle worker at all!!!! Lol) The Bow was made from polystyrene parts, so when she was home for a weekend and did the cutting with Dad’s Jigsaw…it was inevitable that Moi would jump in and offer to do the decorating of the Bow and Arrow, seeing as time was running out you know….

Bellow is a Photo of her at the event and also the original Character sketch designed by Chantelle… In Michelle’s description are links to both their Instagram profiles would you wish to visit them….

Taken from Michelle’s Instagram …

“Making of Emimaf Cosplay 2019

This year I took a chance and decided to try my hand at cosplaying for the first time ever. I also thought; well this is the first time why not make it extra special by doing an original character – Emimaf.
Emimaf is my persona imagined and designed by my sister @noomeci
It was a busy couple of months, trying new things and playing around with materials and ideas. It was fun, sometimes frustrating but fruitful.
Overall I am pretty pleased with what I achieved as a first timer. Although I totally bummed out at the judges table, I am really happy with the judges remarks. I received great feedback and also plenty of tips for what to do next time.
The bow and arrow were made from polystyrene and dowel sticks. I had a friend emboss the pattern using a CNC cutter onto 4 pieces of 20mm thick sheets. I then cut the shapes out using a dremel jigsaw (such a handy little tool!) I glued 2 pieces together to make one half of the bow, this was repeated to give me 2 halves. I also glued the two pieces of the arrow tip and end to a dowel stick, After all the glue was dried, I sanded the edges to make them look a little smoother. The bow was then painted with acrylic paint. Then came the fun part; to decorate the bow, yay! This was done with a lot of different paints and techniques. The embellishments were made using chipboard cutouts from Dusty Attic and more paint. After all this was done and dry I glued the two halves together to get the complete bow. This is when I realized just how BIG it is!”

As you can see the Bow is quiet big. I decorated the part shown here 4 times! That will then be for the front and back and top and bottom.

For the base I used the following Paints, Lilac and Turquoise Acrylic paints. Gold Gesso from The Crafters Workshop. Metallic Steampunk Copper Paint, Opal Magic Pink/Blue and Iris Potion and Magical Pond Sparks from Finnabair. I also aged and defined it all with Old Silver Metallique wax.

All of the Dusty Attic pieces were Gesso’d. I then embossed the Swirls, Mystic Frame #2 and Gears with ‘Sea’ Mixed Media Powder from Ranger. It is also a multi colored/grained powder giving a lovely aged and weathered effect. The metal clock hands were also embossed. The small Clockwork and Nuts were embossed with ‘Burgundy Red’ Embossing Powder from WOW. A few of the Cogs and Mini Clock-faces were treated with the Old Silver and a little Fire Red Waxes. 

I am very happy that I could reach out to my Trusted Dusty Attic products to decorate this project! 
All of the items are of course available in the Dusty Attic On-line shop….




You learn you can do your best
 even when it’s hard,
 even when you’re tired
 and maybe hurting a little bit. 
It feels good to show some courage. 
~Joe Namath~