Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher – Joanne Bain

Hello Everyone!

Joanne here with you today to share a Dreamcatcher I created using Dusty Attic Chipboard. I have keep the colouring very soft and shabby, so it easily blends in with my home decor.

‘Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher’

I created the main frame of the dreamcatcher using the largest clock of the Skeleton Clock set. I cut part of the clock away to allow the dreamcatcher to look like the shape of the crescent moon.

I painted almost all of the Dusty chipboard with white gesso and then top coated with Dusty acrylic paint Alblaster, it a gorgeous pure white.

The main pieces of the cluster that sits above and behind the web I have used both the large and small pieces from the Cog Cluster chipboard set.

To create the foliage parts of the main cluster I have used a few different pieces from varies dusty chipboard sheets, all are listed below. 

I also added a smaller Skeleton Clock to the side of the dreamcatcher just to balance it out and it kind of helps the frame the gum nut centre piece.

To add extra bulk to the cluster I have added a few Prima leaves and berries.

The dreamcatcher tail was created with wool and lots of it. For added texture some was platted while other were slightly frayed.

Dusty Attic
Materials List
DA0430 Skeleton Clock Faces
DA1393 Cog Cluster
DA1871 Foliage #9
DA1715 Foliage #6
DA1712 Wildgrass #2
Dusty Paint – Alblaster