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  Hi there!Today I’d love to present you twins in brown and beige. I received a fairly pleasant order as this time I was able to go wild with my liking. The client asked for two romantic wedding anniversary cards, in delicate colours, with 3D flowers. Inside, there are naturally personalized wishes and other touches that are tailored to the people to whom they ultimately ended up. At the front, meanwhile, you can observe the style and solutions that are close to my artistic heart.
On this occasion, I’d like to ask you if you often fulfill orders on the occasion of wedding anniversary? This is very interesting to me, as I notice that handicraftsmen often focus on a strict topic. For example, I mainly create for weddings, anniversaries, moving, new homes or the birth of a child. I like these topics, I feel at ease and I have no problem with doing another unique card, despite the fact that I have already done quite a lot of them. For some reason unknown to me, people who are looking for a card for baptism, birthdays or all kinds of holidays do not come to me. I do not regret that, but it is a bit puzzling. What is the reason why another person is only carrying out assignments for baptism or birthdays? Perhaps a potential client looks at my SM and, seeing only such works, comes to the conclusion that I apparently do not deal with other topics? I’m happy to read your ideas, please share your thoughts with me in a comments below. Let’s begin now!

I wrote the post in collaboration with Dusty Attic  it’s been almost a year that I’ve been working with them and it’s a very pleasant relationship. New products appear regularly in the store, the assortment is broadly thematically developed and the designs are stylish. I have been an absolute fan of them for a years and I suggest you also try how wonderful it is to work with their chipboards. I made these cards in accordance with the mood board challenge that is currently on the Dusty Attic blog. Or maybe you too will take up this challenge? All you have to do is add your work to the comments section of the Dusty FANattics Facebook group for a chance to win one of two amazing prizes of $50 (AUD) on purchases from their store. I can’t wait to see your work on the Dusty FANAttics group.

I started the work by cutting the papers to a size 6mm smaller than the beige base. The inside is decorated with a beautiful 2B sheet in shades of beige from the Love Me Tender collection by Margaret Paper Design  You can stare at it for a long time and still notice new layers and elements, there is a knitted lace.. or maybe it’s a sweater?.. Subtle and romantic flowers, splashes, abrasions.. The whole complements phenomenally and gives a mystical end result. I covered the back and front of the work with a brown 12A sheet from the Breeze Of Dreams collection. It’s quite a dark shade of brown, with delicate curls and tiny flowers. Additionally, at the front, the brown sheet is visible only partially, because on it I glued the previously mentioned sheet 2B, which was cut into three long strips. All the pieces of decorative paper are sewn on the machine with beige thread, a decorative stitch.

I diversified the glued three stripes of beige paper with a Damask stencil from Dusty Attic and a matte texture paste from Ranger. From the cutting sheet included in the set, on the back of the cover, I used a wonderful baroque window, cut it out in a fairly detailed manner, I also removed the glass because my idea was that it would be going on underneath… and it should be seen. So – I glued the window on the bottom with a beermat for a 3D effect, thanks to which I put a piece of chopped fabric ribbon underneath, I glued a few small beige beads on it and a decorative ecru lace protrudes from under the window. I covered the edges with vintage paste from Stamperia and applied Nuvo 3D pearls in the shade of Pumice Stone.

I glued a piece of gauze over the prepared window, on it I placed a sensually waving cardboard leaf, available in a set of 6 pcs. As always, all of the chippies discussed here were first secured with white gesso, then I gave them all a light brown shade with the aforementioned vintage paste. The leaf protrudes on the left of the flower arrangement, subtly slenderizing it. Lovely hearts are visible on the window. I cut the piece I needed from the larger panel and removed the hearts from the inside, leaving only their shape. Hearts are waiting for another project. The aforementioned hearts are overlapped by two pieces of plastic film tape from Tim Holtz, then I arranged a ready-made bouquet, and the gaps were filled with white flowers also from Tim. From the bottom I glued a magnificent triple bow made of delicate lace, which is decorated with a great round pebble with the words Just lovely on one card and The beauty of little things on the other. The set includes 9 different inscriptions – there is a lot to choose from.

In the lower part of the cover is a banner cut out from the cutting set, glued on the bottom with a beermat, and the words Wedding anniversary and Rocznica ślubu, finished with Nuvo pearls. The inscriptions in Polish are available in the cutting set, while the English phrases can be found on the strip at the bottom of each sheet. As always, at the end I have to mention about the butterfly decorating the flower arrangement. I also haven’t mentioned the numbers yet. The cards went to people celebrating the 13th and 14th wedding anniversary, so these are the numbers you can see at the top.

Finally, I would like to mention that an accelerated report from the creative work, about 5 minutes long, can be found on my IG profile in the IGTV tab. I cordially invite you to watch it.

Products used this time:

Dusty Attic’s products used:DA1707 – Damask #2 StencilDA1204 – Heart Attack Panel Small #2DA2535 – Tropical Foliage #7DA0863 – Mini NUMBER set

DA1107 – Page Pebbles #3DA0893 – Mini Butterflies #2

Margaret Paper Design’s products used:

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