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Hello,today I am here to share with you,my last home improvement project I did,my Scrap room. I thought I was done, after I completed the kitchen, but kept on looking at this room,the last room in the house, that needed to be painted & updated. I was not going to challenge it at first, because I knew, this would require some time. In the end, I decided it had to be done, before I put all my painting supplies away,as it would not get done, & I would always look at it & say “I should have done this room”. I got rid of lots of dust,purged some supplies,donated to a scrap club @ a local school,then brought in the DUSTY ATTIC!!! I am so happy that I took on the challenge!!!!
This room,is just off my front door entrance,was a never used living room,dining room,with plush carpets “the 80’s”. We are a casual family,so really prefer to sit around our kitchen table. It became a huge walk in closet,the boys dumped their hockey equipment,or what ever was in their arms as they walked into the house. I made this room, into my Scrap space, 2004. Over the last couple years,it has really be neglected. I moved my mother in, to care for her, then was away for most of the winter last year,as my middle son,was in critical condition,due to a snow mobile accident. So to say it was DUSTY,is a understatement!!!  
This is a before photo. On of the biggest challenges of this room, was to redo the 60 plus boxes in the room. There are 60 cardboard boxes, that need 2 be repainted & refaced,the plus comes in, as I had to do the back side of the boxes,that are on the middle shelf in the room,as it is open. 
There are 3 sets of shelves, this is the first set as you walk into the room. I decided to reface the boxes ,by using some texture,& the colors that are in the room. For my texture,I decided to do some stencil work & use DA Chipboard. The first step I did was the stencil work,using,TCW stencil, Art is. I then did my first coat of paint, I used the trim & door paint for the sides,back & the tops of the boxes. The color used, is the same as the trim color in the room. On the front of the boxes I used chalk paint. Once the paint dried, I glued on the DA chipboard, on to the fronts of the boxes. I then applied my 2nd coat of  paint, over the chipboard,& the rest of the box. Now, I only had to work with the fronts of the boxes. They got a 3rd coat of paint. This took time as I only had room to do 8 boxes at a time.
A before photo,of what the boxes used to look like,I still can’t believe I used that blue!!!

The middle,& back shelves….
The boxes hold supplies & photos….
Back shelf….
Here are some closeups of some of the boxes in the room….
I love how they turned out, all boxes differ,because of the chipboard used, but in a subtle way.
& yes they are not perfect,but it is only me that will see that, the full view is what every one else will see….
For the final touches, I swiped on some of the wall color paint,& TH distressed brushed pewter. The labels are painted with the wall color. Once that dried I applied 2 coats of hard coat, that I bought with the chalk paint. The chipboard is there to stay, with the glue,paint & hard coat, it is well sealed, & will be easy to wipe down…. On this box I used:
Garden Fairy 2   small
Garden Fairy (DA0277)
Scroll Border #1
Scroll Border #1 (DA0219)
Lacey Corners
Lacey Corners (DA0847)
Seahorse #1
Seahorse#1 (DA0047)
Swirly Christmas Tree
Swirly Christmas Tree (DA0636)
Heart Flourish
Heart Flourish (DA0667)
Bird of Paradise 2pk
Bird of Paridise 2 PK (DA0008)
Peacock Feather
Peacock Feather(DA0568)
Corner Flourish #3
corner flourish #1 (DA0628)
Reeds #2
Seagulls (DA1042)
Leafy Scroll
Leafy Scroll (DA0764)
Corner Flourish #3
Corner Flourish #3 (DA0623)
Grass Cluster #1
Grass Cluster # 1 (DA0660) 
The Dusty Attic used on most of the boxes…
ATC Frame #1
ATC Frame #1 (DA0673) 
ATC Frame #2
ATC frame #2(DA0674)
ATC Frame #3
ATC Frame #3(DA0675)
Flutterbies  3pk
Flutterbies 3pk (DA0389)
Flutterbies #3
Flutterbies #3 (DA0766)
Monarch Butterflies
Monarch Butterflies (DA0819)
mini ABC set upper
mini ABC set upper (DA0861)
mini ABC set lower
mini ABC set lower(DA0862)
I only listed the Dusty Attic that I used on the close ups of the boxes, but there is much more used.
Now that I have used up so much of my Dusty Attic, I get to play with some of the new releases…
I just love them all,you can find them here,http://www.dustyattic.com.au/
I am so happy I took on my Scrap space, it looks so much more sophisticated now, well worth the challenge…..Rachelle 

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  1. 48SevenTime says:

    WOW! I love how you decorated the boxes! Very cool idea!

  2. Marci says:

    Absolutely stunning, especially with the tremendous personal touch…thanks for sharing!

  3. Lizzyc says:

    The boxes look amazing, what a wonderful transformation! Well done!

  4. Dara Lynn says:

    Rachelle …girlie you amaze me with this undertaking!!! It is beautiful!!!!!

  5. Dara Lynn says:

    Rachelle, this was a huge undertaking but you did a beautiful job!!!!!

  6. Lisa Landry says:

    This is the most stunning scrap room. You have done a fabulous job in its design!

  7. adziamar says:

    OMG!!!! What a great job, I'm so ….. amazed. Wonderful!!!!

  8. What a fantastic space!!! I must say that I was slightly green with envy seeing your gorgeous goes personalized with the chipboard… wow! stunning!

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