My Happy Place – Julie Ost – WITH VIDEO TUTORIAL

Hello dear friends! 
Today I have an interesting 3D project for you with beautiful chipboard from Dusty Attic as a centerpiece. 

       There are designs that are good as an addition to the composition and others are all-sufficient. 

     This time I have an Alice in Wonderland-inspired story or Magic garden. I took a voluminous frame, added a few small lights (switch is at the back), hand-made magic trees, windows, mushrooms and Moon to create a composition that can transform if you move the entrance to the different place!
       The front door is movable in this layout so the composition can look very different each time. I will make the video showing this. Also I covered letters, edges and topiary with embossing powder with glowing effect. I tried to create a fairy-tale for my daughter and I hope I succeeded. Now we have a night-lamp for her room with a great story! 
Here I used:
With kind regards,