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I’m so
happy to share with you my first project made for Dusty Attic. I created
decorative canvas in circle shape on hardboard base. I used a lot of chipboards.
There is some inscription, openwork background, clock fragments and cogs. I
like these elements very much.

I glued
everything with gel medium. I love when my art projects have layers, that’s why
I put the individual chipboards one on the other. I also added art stones and
some metal embellishments. I’m a fan of acrylic paints and mixed media so in
projects of this type I can always play creatively. 

I painted
all the elements with acrylic paint in shades of brown. I usually add some
water to it which helps me spread the color even in the smallest gaps. To
emphasize the inscription and a few individual elements, I used wax. I also
used stamps and the whole composition was splashed with white and black paint
mixed  with water. I like this effect
very much. I hope you too.