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Dance in May – Kerstin Filou

Hello creative friends!

It’s a big tradition here to welcome spring and celebrate ‘Dance in May’.  I live near the mountains Harz where the Brocken is the highest mountain peak.

 In  Walpurgis Night (in German folklore the night from 30 April to 1 May), when witches meet there, hold revels with the devil and await the arrival of spring.

 Mystical fires, eerily beautiful witches and the dance into may make it to a magical night.  In normal good times, the beginning of spring is celebrated in a big way. 

Unfortunately it could not take place again this year, but this special magic  of this festival has inspired me again.

I used a funny postcard as inspiration and choose some suitable natural chipboards elements.

Love the  trees, they really look like the spruces on the Brocken, awesome!!

some close up’s

! Wanted !

 – Talented female co-pilot with flying licence 


multi-engine multifunction broom –



Dusty Attic chipboards

Winters Forest Small

 Cogs #3

Foliage #3

Mini Branches #1



Toadstools #2

I hope I could inspire you!
Thanks for your visit!