Connection – Kristy Abela – Canvas art

My turn to say Hello! 
I am an organic girl at heart… as an amateur astrologer I think that it is because I don’t have the earth element represented in my chart! 
I think that for me to feel connected to the earth I need to immerse myself in it. I think that’s why I create. I use elements I can see touch and feel and put them into something from my imagination and that creates a connection… Does anyone else ever feel like that?
 I sat down one night with a pallet knife and some fluid acrylic.. Just having a play really and created this from a whole bunch of straight lines. Having no immediate use for it I put it aside… Well it was all of about a week before the inspiration for this one took hold. I kept feeling that the base for this one reminded me of a snow flurry across a frozen northern hemisphere lake. So with that in mind I foraged (much like my little Bower Bird) among my Dusty Attic Chipboard and began to create. 
In this one I blotted out a circle for the moon with just some card stock and double sided tape. I then mixed up some chalk paint from Paper Artsy and then washed the background with some more circular movements to mimic a flurry. I also added some highlights to the trees to reflect the moonlight as they looked too dark to be under a full moon. 
I positioned my chipboard around the canvas until I felt that if I was there… this is how it would look. I can can never make up my mind so I think that this in the end for me is always the longest process.  
I gathered all my metals and chipboards. In this kind of design I find my chippies invaluable. I love to find little holes and fill in the spaces with little visual elements. 
Thanks for looking!! 
Abela Artistry

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