Brotherly Love – Kristy Abela -Mood Board Inspiraton

Hi there Attic Dwellers… Today I get to share with you my Mood board Inspiration for June! I took this picture of my boys last year in winter. We were out at Coogee Bay for lunch and took a stroll along the clifftops! Absolute perfection. 

Here are some close ups of the finished product so you know what techniques to look for in the post! 
I started out creating a base for my page… I like the wood paneling as it recreated the jetty. 

Using my tool of choice, the brayer, I added some custom colour to the background to better reflect the colour pallet. I added some vertical and horizontal lines to break up the splotches and frame the jetty.
I created some texture with a harlequin stencil and used some light and fluffy paste. I really like this paste as it leaves a raised dimension without needing to add a lot of paste to your page and avoiding stencil bleeds… Ew! I used some water based crayon to highlight the ridges. I rubbed it onto my finger and lightly brushed it along the stenciling.  
I highlighted the edges of the wood paneling with Distress ink directly from the cube. I love this look as you often get striations in the ink. 
I was handed a bottle of this to play with… So I did! I applied a generous coat to my chipboard and left it to dry naturally overnight. I used mica sprays to colour the chipboard and I didn’t prime it first as I wanted the cardboard to soak up the colour and leave the shimmer on top.
How good does that look!!
I used glossy accents for the reeds. 
I wanted some variation in the texture. 
I have been eyeing these little beauties off for a while now and finally got my chance to showcase them! 
I dabbed them into white gesso and created peaks in the acrylic. I also added a little Fluid Acrylic to colour the wings on the seagull. 
When i was in Arizona for Creativation i was taught the technique i used on the posts. 
OK.. I’ll share!
With this one you use a powdered watercolour pigment. I used a little Satin Glaze Matte for this but you can use any clear drying medium to create the effect. Sprinkle a little pigment onto the chipboard and wet your brush and swipe! Perfect woodgrain every time!!

To complete the page I added Splatters, Stones, Sisal and Beads. Thanks for stopping in to look at my latest creation. 

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Ciao for Now…
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